As official distributor of Semen Gresik, we provide zak cement and bulk cement supported by 320 (three hundred and twenty) trucks high blow cement tronton which each capacity of 30-75 ton; 30 (thirty) truck Colt Diesel; and 30 (thirty) Silo Cement which each capacity of 40 – 100 ton.


The quality of Semen Greasik products have been tested and met requirements of The National Standards of Indonesia (SNI) 15-2049-1994 for Portland Cement Type I and SNI 15-0302-1994 for Portland Pozzolan Cement (PPC) and the standard of ASTM (American Society for Testing and materials) C 150-95 and C 595 M- 95a.:

Semen Portland Type I


Known as grey cement it is used for general constructions with no specific requirement such as for housing, office and hotel buildings which are located far enough from shores. Portland Cement type I is packed in 50 kilograms per bag and in bulk.

Portland Pozzolan Cement (PPC)


This kind of cement has been produced since 1980 and met the requirement of PPC type A. Used for general constructions, on seashores, swamps and watery areas which need sulfate resistance and for mass concrete construction which need low heat of hydration or low temperature of concrete. This product is packed in 40 kilograms per bag and in bulk.